Course Hole Details

A nice par 5 requiring, for right handers, a fade (men) and a slight draw (women) off the tee for best results. Watch the out-of-bounds all along the right. Two front bunkers protect the green which falls to the right. A large green with subtle break.


Marker Gender Par Stroke Distance
   Blue   5 16 478
   Green   5 10 362
   Grey   5 16 365
   Red   5 10 232
   Terracotta   5 6 468
   Blue   5 16 478
   Green   5 10 362
   Grey   5 12 365
   Red   5 10 232
   Terracotta   5 8 468

Riverside Financial Services

The Life insurance sector continues to get more complex, with new offerings every year, and therefore it is difficult for most people to keep up with the “jargon” and how all the benefits available can possibly work best for them, in protecting themselves, their families, and their businesses

Ian can simplify this for you, whether it is for your existing covers or for new covers, and ensure your protection plan will actually work for you at any claim time, as per your expectations.

After a career of nearly twenty years as insurance adviser with one of New Zealand’s largest brokerage firms, Ian founded his own business, Riverside Financial Services in 2012, and now looks after clients, particularly throughout the greater Wellington area, but also throughout NZ.  That firm continues to value Ian’s experience to such an extent that they still call on him to provide insurance advice to their clients.
Ian and the Riverside team are dedicated to serving the needs of their clients, providing insurance advice and services to clients wherever they live and work .

“Our goal is to ensure that all our clients know the risks they face and the insurance solutions available to them. It is vital that they have insurance cover that protects them against those risks, as well as matching their budget” says Ian.
“Our clients know that we are there, working on their behalf. This is especially valuable when they have an insurance claim. Riverside clients are not alone when dealing with the insurer at what is often a difficult time. We work alongside our clients to assist the process and remove the stress”

Benefits available are :  death cover, terminal illness cover (new), funeral covers, monthly disablements covers (Income Protection, Mortgage Repayments Cover, Household Expenses Cover), lump sum disablements covers (Trauma/Serious Conditions Cover & Permanent Disablement), medical insurance covers, and also specific business covers for Key Persons and shareholders.