Junior Members

Manor Park Golf Sanctuary was the first club in New Zealand to be awarded the "Junior Plus" national award in recognition of an outstanding Junior Golf Programme.


Junior Coaching Structure
Manor Park implemented the "Junior Plus" programme with a coaching structure being run by volunteer coaches. 
Level 1
Level (1) is for new entrants joining the club, mainly primary school children 6-12 years of age. This is run for an 18-week period between early October and end of March each year with a 6-week break for Christmas/summer holidays. Registration day is held in September. Streaming in groups of 6-8 is undertaken based on skill and experience. There is no charge for the coaching as such as it is undertaken by volunteer members. However there is an annual membership subscription fee. (see Membership button).  Parents of children who play golf and who are not a member at Manor Park may purchase a Guardian Card each summer for a small fee which entitles them to play on the course with their child at designated times
Level 2
Level (2) is for juniors progressing from Level 1.  Level 2 (a) Juniors at secondary school, Level 2 (b) Juniors with an official club handicap.
Level 3
Level (3) is for Juniors with a handicap under 20 or players at Junior Pennants, Watt Cup or Senior interclub level.  
Programme a Combination of Skills Training & Playing Golf
The Junior Coaching Programme is a combination of skills training and playing golf. There are also two competitions that are part of the programme so the juniors can have exposure to competitive golf.
Older Age Juniors
For Juniors in the older age group, i.e. up to 23 years of age, there are many opportunities to be involved in senior interclub at all levels and there are many club competitions for juniors to participate. There is also the Frank Instone Cup which is solely for Juniors and is an aggregate competition over several months.
All Juniors must be financial members of the club, irrespective of their age and experience.
Commence Coaching programme with an Assessment
Juniors joining Manor Park, and wanting to be part of the coaching programme, are assessed by the Junior Convenor or Coaching Staff to determine what level of coaching they need, depending on their ability and skill level.
Interclub Competition
Our Junior Pennants team competes in a Stableford format, comprising four players per team with three out of the four scores counting towards a team total.
Representative Level
Manor Park has a proud record, with a number of juniors having represented the club at provincial and international levels; they include players such as Michael Campbell, Stephen Scahill, Gareth Paddison, Bradley Iles, Matt Holten, Aaron Leech and Perry Hayman, Julianne Alvarez and Daniel Hillier.
Junior Subscriptions 2020~21
 Primary School $143.50
 Secondary School $150