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"Just wanted to say that since joining on Saturday, I have really enjoyed my initial impressions of being a member at Manor Park. The course, facilities and people have all exceeded my expectations. Really pleased to have made the decision to join, as is my friend Hamish Dean who also joined Saturday."

Scott Miller


Under 40's Membership Promotion


We are offering 2 new Membership Categories this year for people between the age of 20 and 39.  


Age 20-29 $475 per year 


Age 30-39 $790 per year 


We are also offering Secondary School Students the Special rate of $150 per year -

Play is restricted to after 12 noon on Saturday and Sunday





New Members are always welcome at Manor Park. We have a variety of memberships available including Full Playing, Midweek, Junior and 9-hole for both men and women. 



Manor Park really is a wonderful place to come and enjoy golf the way it is meant to be played. In a friendly welcoming atmosphere on a course ideally suited for players at all levels.


Under 40's Membership (20~39)
This category of membership applies to members from age 20~39 at date of joining.  Age 20-29 $475 per year and Age 30-39 $790 per year


 Subscription Table (Full Year Memberships). 


 2023/2024 Subscriptions:   Age & Installment Alternatives

Age Group:   Single Weekly Fortnightly Monthly Quarterly
Primary School Junior $143.50        
Secondary School Junior $150        

Age 20 - 29

$475 $11.06 $22.12 $44.58 $123.75
Age 30 -39  $790 $17.12   $34.23  $70.83  $202.50
Full Playing $1,389 $28.63 $57.27 $120.75  $352.25
Midweek $1,128 $23.62  $47.23 $99.00  $287.00
9 Hole (Full Week) $738 $16.12 $32.23  $66.50  $189.50
9 Hole (Mon~Fri) $615 $13.75 $27.50 $56.25 $158.75 
Summer 6 Months (1 Oct ~ 31 Mar) $675          
Summer Midweek (Mon ~ Fri) $515         
Summer 9-hole (6 months) $375        
Winter ( 1 Apr ~ 30 Sept) $700        


Part-Year Memberships 

There are also categories available for Summer and Winter - see immediately below.


Summer Membership - SPECIAL from 1 September to 31 March

Runs from 1 Oct to 31 March and an official New Zealand Golf handicap is maintained for you during your membership period. Full playing rights are available to Summer Members, i.e, 7 days a week. Complete beginners have restricted times.  Both 18-hole and 9-hole memberships are available.  For weekend play, if you have or have had an official handicap there are no playing restrictions for 18-hole members. For 18-hole members without a handicap or until they obtain one, and also for 9-hole members weekend play is restricted until 12:30 pm. There are no restrictions for midweek play, other than Wednesday morning (Women's Club Day - Summer women welcome to join this group) and on days when corporate events have been scheduled (usually Friday). Official club trophy events may not be entered nor participation in Interclub teams. However, Summer Members are eligible to enter daily competitions and participate in Closing and Opening Day. 


Current subscription fees are shown above in the Subscription rate table. Should you wish to join Manor Park for summer, please complete the Application for Membership form Online by clicking on 'Application' in the drop-down box under the 'Membership' button and select 'Summer' under 'Class of Membership Applied
For'.  To pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly, please contact the Office.


Join now as a 2023/2024 Summer Member and experience the same great price for a longer playing period! Call the Office, visit the Club, or apply online now.


Summer Subscriptions 2023/2024

 Summer 6 Months (1 Oct ~ 31 Mar)  $675
 Summer Midweek (Mon ~ Fri)  $515
 Summer 9-hole (6 months)  $375


Winter Membership
Runs for 6 months between 1st April and 30 September. Full playing rights are available at Manor Park, ie 7 days a week. Complete beginners may be subject to restricted times please enquire at the Club Office for current details. Official club trophy events may not be entered nor participation in Interclub teams. However Winter Members are eligible to enter daily competitions. An official New Zealand Golf handicap is maintained for you during your membership period. Current Winter subscription rate is shown above in the Subscription rate table. Should you wish to join Manor Park for winter, please complete the Application for Membership form Online by clicking on 'Application' in the drop drop-down box under the 'Membership' button and select 'Winter' under 'Class of Membership Applied For'.


Winter Subscriptions 2024

 Winter ( 1 Apr ~ 30 Sept)  $700