Conditions Of Play
This section for members deals with events and conditions/rules of play and has been broken down into the following categories for ease of reference - click on one of the below categories to take you to that subject:
  • Standing and Temporary Local Rules : According to Notices displayed on board adjacent to the Pro Shop.
  • Other Rules : Displayed on back of Score Card.
  • Precedence : The Rules of Play as provided by the Committee provide that all play shall be in fours, unless otherwise shown on start sheets.  Four-balls have precedence at all times except on the times that four-somes are set down, when they shall have precedence, and except at such other  times  as directed by the Golf Committee.
  • Starting Tees : Players are to start at the 1st tee only : except that, under the direction from the starter, other tees may be used. Holes must be played consecutively. In order to facilitate starting, and to ensure that all members have an enjoyable game, the Golf Committee may close any starting tee for special periods. During the time that any specified tee is closed, commencing  play therefrom is prohibited.
  • Alternating at Starting Tees : At times when it is necessary to alternate, the four-ball coming through shall permit the four-ball already on the tee to hit off, and will follow immediately after that four-ball.
  • Hole-in-one Insurance : Included with the club subscription is a hole-in-one Insurance Premium, which enables a member to claim up to $ 100 incurred as traditional host on holing in one on our own course of $80 on a course of any Affiliated Club in New Zealand, provided he is playing in an official competition conducted by the club (duly certified by an official of that club), or if he is representing the  club in an Interclub fixture or representative match, or he returns a duly attested card in a “stipulated” round on his home course. Junior and Summer members are not so insured.
  • Hole-in-two Competition : Unless otherwise specified from time to time, any daily “Hole in Two” competition shall be run by and through the Golf Shop. Any member may enter prior to tee off on payment of the appropriate fee, with any or all players  scoring  a two sharing in the proceeds of the day.  In the event of no one scoring a two, the prize will jackpot to the following week.
  • Practicing : Two practice greens are provided for all members, by the rear of the clubhouse, and next to the 11th tee. These are for putting and chipping only, and pitching to either practice green is prohibited. Practice areas are located behind No. 11 green, and also the Old Porthole adjacent to the 3rd fairway. Practice must be within the marked areas only. Practising on the course proper, greens or tees is prohibited. 
  • Tournaments : On days on which an Open Tournament, Wellington Provincial Fixtures, Arthur Duncan and Mary Alward matches are held on the course, the course is closed to all members apart from those participating. The dates for these fixtures are as shown in the Club Programme and on the club's website fixture list.
  • Call Up Holes : Holes 2, 5 and 16 are designated as “Call Up” holes. Players playing these holes are required to call up the following group, if they are ready to play, once all players’ balls are on the green. The players of the first group will then “putt out” while the second group is walking to the green. This      is not optional, but a requirement of play.
  • Speed of Play : On normal playing days, players are expected to complete a round within a maximum of 4 hours and 10 minutes.  Slow playing groups which have lost a hole on the field must endeavour to catch up with the group in front within 2 playing holes.  If unable to do so, they must call through the group behind. From time to time, the Golf Committee will Marshall the course, and  warn and instruct any slow group accordingly.
February 2020
Entry: All entries in Competition and Trophy Events must be made through the Kiosk, and the stated entrance fee paid prior to commencement of play.
Daily Competitions:  These may be played at any time and if a player wished to play more than one round he may do so and pay an entrance fee for each round played
and return a scorecard for each round played, signed in accordance with the Rules of Play. This does not apply to Trophy Events, but if on such a day a player wishes to play more than one round, their first card only will be considered for that trophy.
Qualifying Rounds & Trophy Events: Shall commence at times as shown in the draw or where no draw has been made at times laid down by the Golf Committee.
Order of Play:
Published draw: In order as published.
All other events: As decided by players.
Mixed Foursomes: Men play off No.1 Tee and all odd-numbered tees. Women play off even numbered tees.
Canadian Foursomes: Both players hit off tee; the selected drive is then played as in ordinary foursomes.
Scorecards: For all Club Competitions and Trophy Events (fully marked cards), correctly completed and signed by the player and a marker, must be returned. All cards must be entered at the card kiosk immediately on completion of a round. Members’ attention is drawn to the correct method of keeping the score – that is, that each player keeps his opponent’s card and enters the score after each hole. The practice of writing or
rewriting a card after the round is contrary to the Rules of Golf.
Handicapping: In order to maintain a correct handicap players must return all scorecards. The score for each hole should be marked clearly on the card. Scorecards for match-play events must be handed in for handicapping. Cards are scanned by a reader for efficiency of processing. Handicaps can be found on the NZ Golf website
Ties: In all stroke competitions and qualifying rounds where a tie occurs the winner will be decided by lot or count-back as decided by the Golf Committee.
Results: These will be published in the clubhouse as soon as possible after the event.
Motorised Golf Carts: A member may not ride on any motorised vehicle of any description in any Club Trophy or Championship event unless the member:
a) Has a permanent disability
b) Produces a recent medical certificate to the Club Manager/Secretary certifying:
The full round cannot be completed without the aid of a motorised vehicle to ride in or on for a period of time which must be specified in the medical certificate.
A member who has a permanent physical disability need only produce a medical certificate
Major Changes were adopted to the Club’s Constitution (Rules) in 2010. This document may be found under the Governance button after login.
Notice to all Players
The Course Committee requests members to:
1.   Replace turf.
2.   Replace slithers of grass when making a divot and treat-down back into place in fairways & rough.
3.   Smooth over footprints in bunkers.
4.   Walk smartly between shots
5.   Call following players through if necessary. Note: The 3 minutes allowed before
      declaring ball lost does not entitle players to hold up oncoming matches.
6.   Leave caddy carts off greens and tees.
7.   Leave golf bags on side of green while putting out.
8.   Help protect the course and wildlife resident upon it.
9.   Familiarise themselves with Local Rules.
10. Adhere to the prescribed standard of dress both in the clubhouse and on the course.
11. Members must not bring dogs onto the course or into the clubhouse or locker rooms.
Health & Safety Standards
The club has adopted safe working practices and requests all players note the following
procedures to prevent injury to ground staff and players from golf balls.
Fairway & Rough Maintenance
Players must wait for an approaching vehicle or mower to pass behind or out of range
before playing their shots. Alternatively golfers may be called on to play their shots by the operator.
Greens Maintenance
If a green is being worked upon by staff and the pin is not in the hole, players are not to hit to the green until the flag is replaced.
Other Situations
Players must receive acknowledgement from the ground staff or other players who are in range before playing a shot.
Use of “Fore” Warnings – Errant Shots
It cannot be over emphasised the importance and contribution to safety the liberal use of the traditional “Fore” warning as soon and as loudly as possible to other players in the path of an errant shot. All players in a group are asked to be diligent for their playing partners in this respect.
                                                        EVENTS & CONDITIONS OF PLAY
Open Tournaments
Oliver Cup                       36 Hole Stroke Championship
New Year Open              18 Hole New Year – Open to Men and Women
Championship and Associated Events
Handicap divisions for all championship events are :
· Senior                           Open
· Intermediate               Handicaps 8 – 14
· Junior                            Handicaps 15 – 36
Club Championships
Best gross scores in each division – 16 qualify for Match-play.
Qualifying Trophies      Awarded to top qualifier in each division.
· Senior                           Qualify over 36 Holes, Final 36 Holes
· Intermediate                Qualify over 18 Holes, Final 36 Holes
· Junior                            Qualify over 18 Holes, Final 18 holes
Plate Events                  Players eliminated in 1st round of championship
                                       (Not held if less than 8 entries in championships)
· Senior                          DKD Gun Final 36 Holes
· Intermediate               Joe Gunn Plate
· Junior                            Junior Plate
· Flights                           2nd 15 lowest gross scores in qualifying round.    
Matchplay on current 
handicap.  Not held if less than 24 entries in championships.
· Senior
· Intermediate               McKinnon Trophy
· Junior                            Hodges Salver
Stroke Play Championships
· Senior                            Hipkins Cup, 36 Holes
· Intermediate                Dave Roy Memorial, 36 Holes
· Junior                             Drabble Trophy, 18 Holes
                                                               COMBINED STROKE-PLAY
Match-play on Handicap
Bree Cup                          Qualifying round 18 holes.
Lowest 32 net scores qualify for Matchplay.  Played on current handicaps.
Bree Consolation             First round losers of Bree Cup
Four-Ball Match-play
Don Hood Cup                   Arrange own partners. Qualifying round 18 holes combined stableford.
                                             Best 32 scores, play off four ball best ball Matchplay on handicaps. Should
                                             less than 24 entries be received the best 16 scores qualify for Matchplay.
Jimmy Dunn Trophy          Mixed, arrange your own partners. 
George Parker Trophy     Awarded to top qualifiers in Don Hood Cup.
Tingey Cup                         Qualifying round 18 holes. Entries divided as evenly as possible on
                                             handicap into Senior and Junior. Lowest 32 net scores qualify. Senior with
                                             Junior and play off four ball best ball Matchplay on current handicaps.
Canadian Foursomes
18 Hole fixture – select own partners – all day event, just enter names on starting sheet.
· Boyd Marshall                Trophy Best Gross
· Crawford Cup                 Best Nett
Most Improved Junior Awarded to the junior who, in the opinion of the Match Committee, has
shown the most progress in the current season.
When at all possible women will play off their own scorecard using their own handicap. The additional
stroke allowance for women players in all mixed events will be 2 extra strokes on the Men’s score card (max
handicap 38) – play off own tees,
Opening Day                                  Open to all members. 18 Hole Mixed Ambrose event. Teams drawn by lot.
                                                          Shotgun start.
Closing Day – Ballantyne Cup      Open to all members. 18 Hole Canadian Foursomes Stableford on handicap
 (Trophy only to mixed pair)        – Men with Men/Men with Women. Arrange own partners. Max handicap
                                                           36. Shotgun start.
Daybreak Cup                                  Summer Members – Stableford
Muirfield Trophy                             18 Hole Canadian Foursomes – ANZAC Day - Stableford
Summer Cup                                  Match-play event – qualifying over 6 rounds. Stableford.
Winter Cup                                      Match-play event – qualifying over 6 rounds. Stableford.
Medal Cup                                       Medal – aggregate of best 4 rounds from 7.
Putting Trophy                                Aggregate of best 4 rounds from 7.
Any member may enter the Open Championship.
To be eligible to compete in the Intermediate Championship, a player must be in the handicap range 12.5 –
18.4. For the Bronze Division, a player must hold a handicap index of 18.5 or over.
Each division must have at least 6 entries, if less than 6 the divisions will be merged, ie. Open with
Trophies for qualifying rounds are to be awarded to qualifiers only.
Qualifying rounds of 18 holes will be played. To ensure that this completion is both fair and equitable, a
seeded draw will be completed before the qualifying rounds. The 16 best gross scores qualifying for the
championship. The championships are Matchplay without handicaps over 18 holes, final over 36 holes.
Plate events for players eliminated in 1st round of championship. Plate not held if less than 12 entries in the
championship. No flights will be held unless there are 8 players.
Dispensation will be considered to any player who is unable to play a round on a set date if they are selected
for District or National representation.
All matches must be played on the date set out in the programme. Watch draw sheet for information. If a
match is all square at the 18th hole, extra holes are to be played, with handicap allowance, unless otherwise
stated in the conditions for the trophy. Any match not completed on the due date must be decided by
players involved and the result put on the board by that date.
Any player causing a delay will be automatically defaulted. Each player will be responsible for playing on her
course handicap defined by her handicap index in all competitions.
Failure to comply with conditions for all competition play will be DISQUALIFICATION.
In any matter under dispute the decision of the Committee will be final.
If at any time after a competition draw is made any player experiencing difficult in complying with the
foregoing conditions should immediately telephone the vice Captain or Club Captain. The Committee
reserves the right at all times to alter and/or amend the programme during the season.
Matchplay trophies (with the exception of the Championships) will not be played unless there is a minimum
of 8 entries, or in the case of foursomes, 8 pairs.
Midweek matches may be played on Wednesday Club Day in consultation with the Committee.
Stroke Play Championships
Played over 18 holes in Silver and Bronze Division.
Trophy Events
Handicap Indices 0-40.4.      Open to Players holding local handicap in excess of 40.4 but must play off a
                                                  handicap index of 40.4
9-Hole Group                          Open to Players holding local handicap in excess of 20.2 but must play off a
                                                   handicap index of 20.2
If tied, trophy shared and count back for prizes.
In daily competitions, all ties are decided by means of the LGU count back system, that is, on the basis of the
last 9, 6,3 or 1 hole, in that order.
For trophies which are awarded on the best scores over a number of LGU days, if there is a tie, there shall be
a playoff on a date decided by the Committee. This may be played in conjunction with any other stroke
9-hole Group
Saturday and Sunday Competitions 12:45 pm tee off – please check – time could alter if club fixture is being
Stroke Play
Individual                                  Full Course Handicap
Par/Stableford                          Full Course Handicap
Foursomes                                50% of partners combined Course Handicap
Canadian Foursomes              50% of partners combined Course Handicap
Singles                                        Full difference in Course Handicap
Four Ball                                     The Course handicaps of all 4 players reduced by the Course Handicap of
                                                     the lowest marker, who plays off scratch. The other 3 players each receive
                                                     100% of the difference.
Foursome                                   50% of the difference between the combined Course Handicaps of each
Canadian Foursome                50% of the difference between the combined Course Handicaps of each
Par                                              Full Course Handicap
Coronation Medal, Aotearoa Cup, Home Links Medal
These are trophies awarded by NZG for the player with the best score on her home course on the specified
day. See NZG Club Manual.
National Team's Event
Competition conditions as set down annually by NZG.
Home Pennants
Each month from April to August the 6 best stableford cards from each club in the Wellington District are
forwarded to WGI. The club with the best aggregate of 4 out of 5 rounds wins the Pennant.
                     COMBINED CLUB TROPHIES
Open Champion                                     Matchplay final over 36 holes. 
Intermediate Champion                        Matchplay final over 36 holes. 
Bronze Champion                                   Matchplay final over 36 holes. 
Runner-up Trophies for all divisions.
Nancy McCormick Foursomes
36-hole Foursome Handicap           Stroke play for the Diane Head Silver Tray. Choose own partners. The                                                               current course handicap indices of both players must be shown on the                                                               card. Handicap Allowance is 50% of partners combined course handicaps.                                                               For players with handicap indices of 0 – 40.4.

18-hole Foursome Handicap             Stroke play for the Wearing Silver Trays. Same conditions as above.
Pauline Mitchell Trophy
Silver – Best 3 out of 4 medal rounds spread throughout the year – overall winner.
Beryl Forbes Trophy
Bronze – Best 3 out of 4 medal rounds spread throughout the year – overall winner.
LGU Silver and Bronze Buttons
Awarded by NZG for the player in each club with the best net 4 scores in all LGU competitions during the
season. The 4 scores must all be achieved within the one division, Silver or Bronze.
Vera Howe Jug
Silver best 4 out of 5 putting rounds – overall winner.
Jan Renwick Trophy
Bronze best 4 out of 5 putting rounds – overall winner.
Howe Birdie Bowl
Most birdies by Silver player overall.
Kerr Salver
Most birdies by Bronze player overall.
George Parker Jug
Best aggregate of Stableford points gained by one member in the five Home Pennants Stableford from April
to August.
Carr Salvers
Eclectic competition for silver and bronze. Dates to be set by the Committee. Salvers awarded to the best
net scores for each division.
Pam Archer Cup
Most improved Silver Division player of the year.
June McConnell Trophy
Most improved Bronze Division player of the year.
Sue Livingstone Trophy
Most valuable interclub player overall.
Courtney Trophy
Biggest reduction in Handicap February to October.
9 Hole Anniversary Stableford
Competition played on separate days weekend and midweek. Best stableford wins the bowl. Trophy not
Ellen Donaghue Vase
Best Gross score in qualifying rounds of Open Championship. 
Brayshay Rosebowl
Best net score among Silver division players in the qualifying round for Open Championship. 
Martin Plate
Open Championship Plate. 
King Trophy
Best gross score in qualifying round of Bronze Championship. 
Ayers-Barnetson Salver
Best net score in qualifying round of Bronze Championship. 
Davis Jug
Bronze Championship Plate. 
Joan Hollis Cup
Best net qualifying rounds in Dais Barnard/Kath Sawyer, Forbar/Payne Cup Competitions.
Kath Sawyer Cup and Dais Barnard Memorial Bowl
Qualifying round of 18 holes.16 best net scores qualify for Matchplay on handicap. First round winners play
for Kath Sawyer Cup (Matchplay on handicap). First round losers play for Dais Barnard Memorial Bowl.
Payne and Forbar Cups
Qualifying round of 18 holes, 16 best Silver gross and 16 best gross scores qualify.
4 Ball best ball Matchplay on handicap. Top silver qualifier plays with bottom bronze player and so on in
unseeded draw. If an insufficient number of players of either division, the field will be divided equally. First
round winners play for the Payne Cup. If a game is all square at the completion of the 18th hole, extra holes are to be played without handicap. First round losers play for Forbar Cup.
Peggy James Memorial Trophy
One round from each of Medal, Stableford and Par. Aggregate of placings from each round.
Manor Park Handicap Trophies
36 Hole Aggregate Stableford.
36 Hole Aggregate Medal for Silver Division 
36 Hole Aggregate Medal for Bronze Division 
No player may win more than one of these trophies in each season.
If possible to be played over one weekend. Normal club competitions prize ie. Stableford on Saturday and
Medal on Sunday is awarded as well. To be played in Autumn if Club Championships are in Spring and vice
Karen Collins Greensome (Rosebowl)
Choose own partner, the handicap allowance is 50% of partners combined course handicaps. Each player
plays a tee shot and second shot with their own ball. At that stage players choose the best ball and
complete the hole by playing alternate shots. Trophy awarded to pair returning the best net score.
Hipkins Cup
Silver Division 18 hole Stroke.
Hipkins Rosebowl
Silver and Bronze Divisions       18 hole best net overall.
Instone Trophy                             Bronze Division 18 hole Stroke
Kimblin Jug for Winter Points
Most winter points during season. Each competition 3 points are awarded to each player returning the
second best score, 2 for the next best and 1 for the next best. Trophy not engraved. 
Jean Wilson Trophy
Best stableford over 10 holes on Closing Day. Trophy not engraved.
McIntyre Mug
Best net score in the Summer Eclectic Competition in Silver Division.
Thomas Cup
Best net score in the Summer Eclectic in Bronze Division. 
Championship Tray
Winner of championship Matchplay donated by Weekend 18 hole group.
Lyna Laing Plate
Winner of championship Matchplay plate.
Shirley Quinn Cup
Best gross score – stroke play championship.
Mary Beckett Salver
Best net score – stroke play championship. Presented by Mary Beckett.
Winter Points
Most Winter points during season. Each competition day 3 points are awarded to each player returning the
second best score, 2 for the next best and 1 for the next best. 
Summer Cup
Awarded to the best net eclectic scores.
Barbara Beck Vase
Best stablefords over 10 holes on Closing Day. Not a trophy, a prize presented.
Midweek 9 Hole Championship
Players holding a 9 hole handicap index. Qualifying round of 9 holes. Best 16 gross scores to qualify.
Match-play without handicap allowance over 9 holes. 
Silver Tray
Match-play runner-up in 9 hole championship. 
Match-play winner of the 9 Hole Plate.  9-hHole flight will only be
held if there are 8 players.
9 Hole Cup
Winter points winner for 9 hole players. Presented by the 1999 Midweek Committee. Handicap indices 0 –
Keating Cup
Overall winner for 9 hole players covering all competitions during the year. Handicap indices 0 – 20.2.
Mary Beckett Trophy
Best 4 putting rounds
9-Hole Grandma's Cup
Played in conjunction with Midweek Grandmas competition. Best Stableford over 9 holes.
Vets Vase
Best stableford over 9 holes for those players aged 50 and over.
Lyna Laing Cup
Best net aggregate of four medal rounds from December to the beginning of February for 9 hole players in
the Summer Cup. Handicap indices 0 – 20.2.
Aster Yee Trophy
Runner up to Best Net aggregate in 9 Holes Summer Cup.
Hesti Sugandi Trophy
Best net aggregate of eclectics from December to beginning of February for 9 hole players. Monday to
Friday including statutory holidays.
Bodle Cup
18 Hole Canadian Foursomes. Best Nett.
Hollander Cup
Qualifying round 18 holes. 32 best gross scores to qualify. Loser from first round compete for Captains
Trophy. NO player who has defaulted in the first round can go through to the Captains Trophy section.
Matchplay – full difference in course handicaps.
Captain's Trophy
For those players defeated in the first round of the Hollander Cup. Matchplay – full difference in Course
James Cup
Best aggregate of placings in Medal, Par and Stableford competitions. Handicap indices 0 – 40.4.
Daisy Simpson Cup
A seeded draw will be done after the closing date for entries. Matchplay thereafter on handicap.
Matchplay Trophy 28.5 to 40.4
For players 28.5 – 40.4. Over 18 holes, Matchplay – full difference in course handicaps.
Phil Beynon Trophy
Charity Stableford, handicap indices 0 – 40.4.
Murray Halberg Rosebowl
18 hole stableford, handicap indices 0 – 40.4.
Grandmas Cup
18 hole stableford, handicap indices of 0 – 40.4.
Seiringer Veterans Cup
18 hole net medal for those players aged 50 and over, handicap indices 0 – 40.4.
Beryl Forbes Trophy
Best net over 18 holes by a player aged 65 years. Date to be set by the Committee, usually in February.
Margaret Rankine Trophy
Best net medal round for players over 70 years old.
Wally Taylor Trophy
Best gross score in the annual match between the Men’s Veterans and Midweek women’s club.
Winter Points Competitions
Points given in conjunction with the day’s competition. Each competition 3 points are awarded to each
player returning the second best score, 2 for the next best and 1 for the next best. Trophies awarded to the
most winter points during season.
Winter Points Vase
Winter points winner for Silver – handicap indices 0 – 18.4.
Love Salver
Winter points winner for Bronze 1 – handicap indices set each year by the Committee.
Frost Trophy
Winter points winner for Bronze 2 – handicap indices set each year by the Committee.
Brodie Summer Cup
Best net aggregate of four medal rounds from December to beginning of February. Handicap indices 0 –
Dickie Trophy
Best net aggregate of eclectics from December to beginning of February. Handicap indices 0 – 40.4.
Either Nett, Stableford or Par where prizes are awarded for the best 9, the second 9 and the best
18 holes.
Australian Stableford
Stableford points for gross score for each hole and add your handicap to the total points at the end
of the round.
Flag Match
First player out on a day of competition carries the flag until her number of strokes taken equals the
par of the course plus handicap (eg 71 + 20 = 91). Plant flag where 91st stroke landed.
Five Club
Any No.5 club can be used. Cards cannot be used for handicapping purposes unless a player played
under their handicap.
Bisque Par/Stableford
Use your handicap strokes wherever you like.
Hidden Partners
Combined medal/Stableford/par. All cards shuffled together – partners drawn – scores added
Greensome Foursomes
Each player plays a tee shot and second shot with their own ball. At that stage players choose the
best ball and complete the hole by playing alternate shots.
American Foursomes
Both players play tee shots at each hole then play a second stroke with their partner’s ball. One ball
is then selected and play proceeds as in foursomes with the owner of the ball selected playing the
third stroke.
Canadian Foursomes
Both players drive from the tee, then decide with which drive to continue the hole. If A’s drive is
chosen then B will play the second stroke. Players then play alternate shots to complete the hole.
This can be played as a medal, Stableford or par.
Russian Roulette
Stableford. Multiply your score with your partner’s. Example 2x3 = 6 Stableford points but 4x0 = 0
Ambrose Scramble
Play as in a normal team Ambrose event except that the owner of the ball chosen from where all in
team play next shot does not get to play that shot.